]> Tony Duckles's Git Repositories (git.nynim.org) - dotfiles.git/shortlog
2013-04-20 Tony Duckles.vim: vim-powerline
2013-04-20 Tony Ducklesbin/ack: ack 2.02
2013-04-20 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Git (Fugitive) helpers
2013-04-17 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add DiffToggle()
2013-04-17 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Tweak StatusLine highlighting
2013-04-17 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Update vim bundle submodules
2013-04-17 Tony Duckles.vim: Use Ctrl-P instead of Command-T
2013-04-13 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Update vim bundle submodules
2013-04-09 Tony Ducklesbin/svn-wrapper: Misc fixes
2013-04-06 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Darker StatusLine colors
2013-04-06 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Add "dfw" alias for "diff --word-diff"
2013-04-02 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Fix svn-wrapper usage
2013-03-31 Tony Ducklesbin/svn-wrapper: Add svn-wrapper
2013-03-31 Tony Duckles.iterm2/colors: Tweaks to solarized-ansi
2013-03-31 Tony Duckles.mintty/colors: Brighter blue in solarized-ansi
2013-03-28 Tony Duckles.gitignore_global: Always ignore *.pyc, *.swp
2013-03-28 Tony Duckles.bash_completion.d/fabric.bash: Bash completion for...
2013-03-25 Tony Duckles.toprc: Tweak columns and column-order
2013-03-23 Tony Duckles.toprc: Setup useful multi-window mode
2013-03-11 Tony Ducklesbin/git-ack: ack-based replacement for "git grep ..."
2013-03-10 Tony Ducklesack 2.00b06 (git commit 04e8986)
2013-03-10 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Alias ls="ls-files"
2013-03-10 Tony Duckles.vim/colors: Misc clean-up
2013-03-10 Tony Ducklesbin/ack-wrapper: Handle STDIN being a pipe
2013-03-09 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Update vim bundle submodules
2013-03-09 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Tweak __git_ps1 colors
2013-03-08 Tony Duckles.ackrc: Always print filename, search *.txt files
2013-03-08 Tony Ducklesbin/ack-wrapper: Correctly escape user-supplied args
2013-03-07 Tony Duckles.vimrc: <F7> to toggle spell-check
2013-03-04 Tony Duckles.iterm2/colors: Dimmer solarized-ansi foreground color
2013-03-03 Tony Ducklesbin/ack-wrapper: Use ack-wrapper
2013-03-03 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Tweak StatusLineNC colors
2013-03-03 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Alias diff="git diff --no-index"
2013-02-16 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Don't check for $STY in settitle()
2013-02-09 Tony Duckles.iterm2/colors: Add solarized-ansi
2013-02-09 Tony Duckles.screenrc: Misc comment clean-up
2013-02-03 Tony Ducklesbin/colortable: Only standard colors by default, opt...
2013-02-03 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add NERDTree config
2013-02-03 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Add NERDTree
2013-02-03 Tony Duckles.mintty/colors: Rename solarized-alt -> solarized-ansi
2013-01-31 Tony Duckles.mintty/colors: More solarized-alt color tweaks
2013-01-31 Tony Ducklesbin/colortable: Rewrite in bash, columns for background...
2013-01-28 Tony Duckles.mintty/colors: Lighten solarized-alt background
2013-01-27 Tony Duckles.vim: pathogen.vim 2.2
2013-01-27 Tony Ducklesbin/colortable: Print a color table of ANSI colors...
2013-01-26 Tony Duckles.mintty: Move color-schemes to ~/.mintty/colors
2013-01-25 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Add "settitle" function for setting screen...
2013-01-25 Tony Duckles.term_colorpalette: Slightly lighter brblack
2013-01-25 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Better compatibility with older Git...
2013-01-25 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Support AIX
2013-01-25 Tony Duckles.screenrc: $TERM="screen"
2013-01-24 Tony Duckles.vim: Update bundle submodules
2013-01-24 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Update git-subup aliases
2013-01-24 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Init child submodules, optionally pull
2013-01-21 Tony Duckles.term_colorpalette: Tweak 'blue' and 'white' colors
2013-01-21 Tony Duckles.screenrc: Lower-contrast hardstatus colors and show...
2013-01-11 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Avoid detached HEAD
2013-01-11 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Add scriptease, update modules
2013-01-11 Tony Duckles.vimrc: +sidescrolloff=10, smarttab, +nnoremap Y
2013-01-07 Tony Duckles.vimrc: statusline tweaks
2013-01-06 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Color (highlight) tweaks
2013-01-05 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Lower-contrast "highlight StatusLine"
2013-01-05 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Always checkout origin/HEAD
2013-01-05 Tony Duckles.vimrc: statusline tweaks
2013-01-05 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Custom statusline, lots of new helper mappings
2013-01-04 Tony Duckles.inputrc: Add some helper reminds in comments at top
2013-01-04 Tony Ducklesbin/git-cv: Be compatible with GNU "cut"
2013-01-03 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Size column based on max if-name length
2013-01-03 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Add brew coreutils to $PATH
2013-01-01 Tony Duckles.ackrc: Include *.scss for type=css
2012-12-29 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Fix padding for UNAME=Linux
2012-12-29 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Use GNU awk on Solaris
2012-12-29 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Add ~/.rvm/bin to $PATH for RVM
2012-12-29 Tony Ducklespathogen.vim: Update c9fb89d..1b46b4f (https://github...
2012-12-29 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Helper utility for showing interface IP...
2012-12-27 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: No limit on "git ll"
2012-12-26 Tony Ducklesbin/hub: hub version 1.10.3
2012-12-26 Tony Ducklesbin: Remove unused commands
2012-12-22 Tony Ducklesbin/git-up: Misc code clean-up
2012-12-22 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Use 'status -sb', tweak color.branch.remote
2012-12-22 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Use __git_ps1() in $PS1
2012-12-22 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Use --prune for 'git pull'
2012-12-22 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Clean-up aliases
2012-12-22 Tony Ducklesbin/git-up: Rewrite to support 'git fetch --all --prune'
2012-12-20 Tony Duckles.bashrc: put ~/sbin in $PATH if it exists
2012-12-20 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Update vim bundle submodules
2012-12-20 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: push.default = matching
2012-12-14 Tony Duckles.ackrc: Adding, define custom ack colors
2012-12-14 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Use grep --color=always and setup GREP_COLORS
2012-09-19 Tony Duckles.screenrc: altscreen=on (alternate buffer)
2012-08-04 Tony Duckles.bashrc: export LESS="-FiRX"
2012-08-03 Tony Duckles.vim: Update bundle submodules
2012-08-03 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Force "git checkout master" foreach...
2012-08-03 Tony Duckles.dircolors: *.mp4
2012-08-03 Tony Duckles.bashrc: export LESS="-FiR"
2012-07-26 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Remove extraneous args from PAGER
2012-07-17 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Easier buffer navigation
2012-06-10 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add more Command-T key-mappings
2012-06-09 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Add root,graph,di; update ll,lll
2012-06-09 Tony Duckles.vim: Remove obsolete syntax/javascript file