2016-03-13 Tony DucklesFix keep_revnum vs source_start_rev handling develop master
2016-02-09 Thomas QuinotFix typo in README.mkd
2015-09-19 Tony DucklesFix typo in comment
2015-09-19 Tony DucklesMerge branch 'topic/LC_MESSAGES_C' of git://github...
2015-07-27 Thomas QuinotSet LC_MESSAGES to C
2015-07-27 Thomas QuinotDo not URL-encode '+' characters in repo URLs
2014-04-11 Dawid CiecierskiRevprop change Windows example
2014-04-11 Dawid CiecierskiFix hardcoded line endings
2013-02-09 Tony DucklesUpdate links to
2012-10-15 Tony DucklesClean-up unit-tests
2012-10-15 Tony DucklesSupport caller-supplied wc_target path
2012-10-13 Tony DucklesRemove deprecated make-replay-repo script
2012-09-27 Tony DucklesMinor documentation tweaks
2012-09-23 Tony Ducklessvn2svn v1.7.0 v1.7.0
2012-09-23 Tony DucklesMisc documentation tweaks
2012-08-21 Tony DucklesSupport before-commit hook option (--pre-commit)
2012-08-14 Tony DucklesInclude --verify-all test-cases
2012-08-14 Tony DucklesPurge tests/_wc_* during "make clean"
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesDelete
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesCreate _repo_ref if needed
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesFix t0001-diff-repo test descriptions
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesMove shared code to
2012-08-10 Tony Ducklestest-lib: test_expect_failure() expected failure is ok
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesImproved unit-tests
2012-08-09 Tony DucklesTest framework
2012-08-08 Tony DucklesUse proper exit-codes
2012-08-08 Tony DucklesIntroduce 'svnancest' utility
2012-08-08 Tony DucklesRename main utility from '' to ''
2012-06-10 Tony Ducklessvn2svn v1.6.0 v1.6.0
2012-04-12 Tony DucklesProper quote-wrapping in test scripts
2012-04-12 Tony DucklesBetter "svn list" handling
2012-04-12 Tony DucklesUse "--ignore-externals" for "svn update" and "svn...
2012-04-09 Tony DucklesCorrectly handle source_url/target_url with chars needi...
2012-04-08 Tony DucklesREADME updates
2012-04-08 Tony Ducklessvn2svn v1.5.0 v1.5.0
2012-04-08 Tony DucklesBetter path and URL encoding/escaping
2012-04-07 Tony DucklesSkip ANSI escape color codes for NT
2012-04-07 Tony DucklesUse shell.rmtree
2012-03-28 Tony DucklesTest scripts require /bin/bash
2012-03-28 Tony DucklesFix tag documentation
2012-03-25 Tony DucklesChange verify-mode to report on all errors before raisi...
2012-03-25 Tony DucklesREADME updates
2012-03-25 Tony DucklesFix edge-case problem with continue handling for -...
2012-03-25 Tony DucklesDon't allow starting a fresh (non-continue) replay...
2012-03-25 Tony DucklesDon't use parser.error() for error messages
2012-03-25 Tony DucklesURL encode user-supplied source_url and target_url
2012-03-24 Tony DucklesBe more quiet by default
2012-03-24 Tony DucklesFor options.keep_author, update via post-commit rev...
2012-03-24 Tony DucklesPrevent KeyboardInterrupt's during SVN commit
2012-03-24 Tony DucklesVerify-mode v1.4.0
2012-03-16 Tony DucklesMore fixes to iter_svn_log_entries ancestry-handling
2012-03-15 Tony DucklesFix iter_svn_log_entries ancestry-handling problems
2012-03-15 Tony DucklesCorrectly crawl source_url's ancestry back to origin...
2012-03-15 Tony DucklesRefactor find_svn_ancestors() to make more generic
2012-02-18 Tony DucklesEnsure target WC is clean/reverted when continuing.
2012-02-18 Tony DucklesPerf: Only "svn update" when needed. This means a mixed...
2012-02-18 Tony DucklesUpdate parse_svn_status_xml() to use defensive conditio...
2012-02-18 Tony DucklesFix process_svn_log_entry() to not include action=...
2012-02-16 Tony DucklesFix a place in find_svn_ancestors() which should've...
2012-02-16 Tony DucklesFix another --keep-revnum edge-case
2012-02-12 Tony DucklesCorrectly handle --keep-revnum mode during initial...
2012-02-11 Tony DucklesUpdates to README
2012-02-11 Tony DucklesUpdate README for --keep-date and --keep-revnum support
2012-02-11 Tony DucklesAdd --keep-revnum support
2012-02-11 Tony DucklesAdd --keep-date, --keep-prop, --archive, --log-author... v1.2.0
2012-02-11 Tony DucklesBetter options.svn_rev parsing and validation
2012-02-11 Tony DucklesMake 'options' a global var
2012-02-09 Tony DucklesPerf Enh: Add skip_paths handling to do_svn_add(),...
2012-02-09 Tony DucklesSupport SVN versioned property updating
2012-02-09 Tony DucklesUpdate process_svn_log_entry() to calculate d['kind...
2012-02-09 Tony DucklesFix copy-from handling and parent-path checking in...
2012-02-09 Tony DucklesUse is_child_path() for correct path-is-child-of-parent...
2012-02-09 Tony DucklesSupport revision range in --revision, both start and...
2012-02-08 Tony DucklesFix iter_svn_log_entries() to handle chunks which have...
2012-02-08 Tony DucklesFix parse_svn_log_xml() to calculate d['kind'] if not...
2012-02-04 Tony DucklesHandle empty "svn log" commit messages
2012-02-04 Tony DucklesChange iter_svn_log_entries() back to getting smaller...
2012-02-02 Tony DucklesAdd Links section to README
2012-02-02 Tony DucklesUpdate def process_svn_log_entry() to enumerate possibl...
2012-02-01 Tony DucklesUpdate build_rev_map() to gracefully handle case where...
2012-01-29 Tony DucklesMake module-level variables for source_*/target_*/rev_map
2012-01-29 Tony DucklesMisc code clean-up
2012-01-28 Tony DucklesUpdate README.mkd and documentation
2012-01-28 Tony DucklesImprove optparse formatting v1.1.0
2012-01-27 Tony Duckles* Add new --dry-run and --limit command-line args
2012-01-27 Tony DucklesMigrate shared code to commit_from_svn_log_entry()
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesAdditive verbosity command-line args
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesAdd test revprop case. Fix some non-appending echo's.
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesNo need to pre-throttle commit_paths in process_svn_log...
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesNo need to defer "svn remove" actions anymore, due...
2012-01-26 Tony Duckles* Carry-forward revprop values from source repo
2012-01-25 Tony DucklesBetter "Usage" help-text
2012-01-25 Tony DucklesRemove obsolete
2012-01-25 Tony DucklesContinue-mode support w/ rev_map
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesMerge branch 'modules' into develop
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesRun make-replay-repo in verbose-mode
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesRemove HEAD-specific short-circuiting
2012-01-24 Tony Duckles* Use ui.status for all status messages (verbose and...
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesMinor fixes to get_svn_status() handling
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesDon't truncate status messages by default