.ackrc: Tweak colors, group by filename
[dotfiles.git] / bin /
2018-02-17 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Use `diff-highlight` contrib script as...
2018-01-01 Tony Ducklesbin/ack: ack v2.22
2017-12-31 Tony Ducklesbin/git-amend: Smarter 'git stash' handling
2016-11-18 Tony Ducklesbar v1.4
2016-04-05 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subtree: Remove, now in standard Git distrib
2015-02-14 Tony Ducklesack v2.15_01
2014-12-05 Tony Ducklesbin/git-obliterate: Fix quote-padding
2014-04-05 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Better pull-mode handling
2014-03-30 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Better compatibility with older Git...
2013-11-17 Tony Ducklesbin/git-*: Add git-alias, git-obliterate, git-show...
2013-11-17 Tony Ducklesbin/: A bit of housekeeping
2013-09-29 Tony Ducklesack v2.10
2013-07-13 Tony Ducklesbin/svn-wrapper: Colorized diff output
2013-04-27 Tony Ducklesack v2.04
2013-04-20 Tony Ducklesbin/ack: ack 2.02
2013-04-09 Tony Ducklesbin/svn-wrapper: Misc fixes
2013-03-31 Tony Ducklesbin/svn-wrapper: Add svn-wrapper
2013-03-11 Tony Ducklesbin/git-ack: ack-based replacement for "git grep ..."
2013-03-10 Tony Ducklesack 2.00b06 (git commit 04e8986)
2013-03-10 Tony Ducklesbin/ack-wrapper: Handle STDIN being a pipe
2013-03-08 Tony Ducklesbin/ack-wrapper: Correctly escape user-supplied args
2013-03-03 Tony Ducklesbin/ack-wrapper: Use ack-wrapper
2013-02-03 Tony Ducklesbin/colortable: Only standard colors by default, opt...
2013-01-31 Tony Ducklesbin/colortable: Rewrite in bash, columns for background...
2013-01-27 Tony Ducklesbin/colortable: Print a color table of ANSI colors...
2013-01-25 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Better compatibility with older Git...
2013-01-25 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Support AIX
2013-01-24 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Init child submodules, optionally pull
2013-01-11 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Avoid detached HEAD
2013-01-05 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Always checkout origin/HEAD
2013-01-04 Tony Ducklesbin/git-cv: Be compatible with GNU "cut"
2013-01-03 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Size column based on max if-name length
2012-12-29 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Fix padding for UNAME=Linux
2012-12-29 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Helper utility for showing interface IP...
2012-12-26 Tony Ducklesbin/hub: hub version 1.10.3
2012-12-26 Tony Ducklesbin: Remove unused commands
2012-12-22 Tony Ducklesbin/git-up: Misc code clean-up
2012-12-22 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Use --prune for 'git pull'
2012-12-22 Tony Ducklesbin/git-up: Rewrite to support 'git fetch --all --prune'
2012-08-03 Tony Ducklesbin/git-subup: Force "git checkout master" foreach...
2012-06-09 Tony DucklesAdd git-subup (submodule init and updating)
2012-05-04 Tony Ducklesgit-incoming and outgoing updates
2012-05-04 Tony Ducklesargv: turns arguments into lines (useful for testing...
2012-02-15 Tony Duckles.vim/ftplugin/python.vim: Python filetype local settings
2011-12-24 Tony DucklesAdd bin/colordump
2011-11-02 Tony DucklesNew bin/git* additions and .gitconfig tweaks
2011-11-02 Tony Duckleshub version 1.6.1
2011-10-31 Tony Ducklesack v1.96
2011-03-08 Tony Ducklesack 1.94
2010-08-20 Tony DucklesAdd git-subtree
2010-08-18 Tony DucklesAdding bin/newgit
2010-08-13 Tony DucklesAdd git-brdate
2010-08-13 Tony DucklesDeleting bin/license
2010-08-08 Tony DucklesInitial commit