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25 hours ago Tony Ducklesbin/git-branch-dates: Smarter automatic line truncation master
2022-11-03 Tony DucklesAdd ripgrep config
2022-11-03 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use ft=yaml.ansible on more ansible-related...
2022-10-31 Tony Duckles.shenv-aether: Track .shenv customizations for 'aether'
2022-10-31 Tony Duckles.vim: vim-plug @ddce935
2022-10-31 Tony Ducklesbin/newgit: Simplify parameters
2022-10-31 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Remove exclusions that should never be...
2022-10-07 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Updates for new-style macOS homebrew paths
2022-10-07 Tony Duckles.bash_profile: Register id_ed25519 SSH key with ssh...
2022-10-07 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Remove push_ssh_cert function
2022-01-28 Tony Duckles.vim: vim-plug @e300178
2022-01-13 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add pearofducks/ansible-vim plugin
2021-09-04 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Updates to airline_symbols
2021-07-25 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Add docker-ps alias
2021-07-25 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add mapping for enabling soft tabs
2021-07-25 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Disable g:airline_symbols.colnr symbol
2021-07-25 Tony Ducklesbin/pip-upgrade: Helper script to upgrade all outdated...
2020-11-28 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Add docker-related helper aliases
2020-11-27 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Maintain default `pull` behavior of ff...
2020-11-27 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Change hotkey for QuickfixToggle()
2020-11-27 Tony Duckles.vim: vim-plug @2f4e281
2020-10-08 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Updates to airline_symbols
2020-10-08 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use Plug 'tonyduckles/vim-colorschemes' to...
2020-07-25 Tony Ducklesbin/ack: ack v3.4.0
2020-05-10 Tony Ducklesbin/ipaddr: Support Linux net-tools 2.x formats
2020-05-09 Tony Ducklesbin/ack: ack v3.3.1
2019-12-01 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Update prompt_color() to use `realpath` to...
2019-11-30 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Don't use modelines to set foldmethod=expr...
2019-08-31 Tony Ducklesbin/diff-filter: Support session-level disable flag
2019-08-31 Tony Duckles.vim: vim-plug @ebd534c
2019-03-23 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add quickfix window toggle helper
2019-03-23 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add vim-gutentags plugin
2019-03-02 Tony Duckles.vim: vim-plug @d1c19a6
2019-03-02 Tony Duckles.dircolors: Add more Markdown extensions
2018-10-20 Tony Duckles.vim: vim-plug @b6050d6
2018-07-19 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Use `paste ... -` when reading from pipe
2018-07-06 Tony Ducklesbin/diff-filter: Use local `diff-highlight` script...
2018-07-06 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Alternate color.diff-highlight colors
2018-07-04 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Introduce modular include-able config files
2018-07-01 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Add core.attributesfile
2018-05-23 Tony Duckles.vim: vim-plug @fef4e43
2018-05-23 Tony Ducklesbin/git-branch-dates: Show git branches with dates...
2018-03-03 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Add `pip --user` bin directories to $PATH
2018-03-03 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Cleanup $PATH handling, remove unused cases
2018-03-03 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Cleanup path helper functions
2018-03-03 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Misc cleanup
2018-02-25 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use real tabs in gitconfig files
2018-02-25 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Sync GREP_COLORS with ackrc colors
2018-02-17 Tony Duckles.ackrc: Tweak colors, group by filename
2018-02-17 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Use `diff-highlight` contrib script as...
2018-02-10 Tony Duckles.inputrc: colored-stats=on
2018-02-04 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Make sure $MANPATH has some sane defaults
2018-01-21 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Remove author message from header
2018-01-20 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use plugin for jumping to last position when...
2018-01-17 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add more colorschemes
2018-01-17 Tony Duckles.vim/colors: Remove old unused colorschemes
2018-01-17 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Smartly pick AirlineTheme for certain colorscheme's
2018-01-08 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Fix g:limelight_default_coefficient
2018-01-08 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Cleanup plugins, add some new colorschemes
2018-01-08 Tony Duckles.gitignore: Ignore local config files, vim cache files
2018-01-06 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use autocmd for adding Solarized highlight...
2018-01-06 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use vim-pandoc for syntax=markdown
2018-01-06 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Tweak goyo settings
2018-01-05 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add 'goyo' plugin - Distraction-free writing...
2018-01-01 Tony Ducklesbin/ack: ack v2.22
2018-01-01 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Put new vsplit windows to the right of the...
2017-12-31 Tony Duckles.vim: Support folding based on custom section markers
2017-12-31 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add vim-gitgutter plugin
2017-12-31 Tony Ducklesbin/git-amend: Smarter 'git stash' handling
2017-12-31 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add some new commands, misc cleanup
2017-12-24 Tony Duckles.vim: Delete scripts/closetag.vim
2017-12-24 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Tweaks to highlight colors
2017-12-24 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Misc cleanup, re-arrange plugin settings
2017-12-23 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Set fzf defaults
2017-12-23 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Cleanup 'highlight' overrides
2017-12-23 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Always use terminal's default bg color
2017-12-23 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use g:solarized_termcolors=256 if supported
2017-12-22 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Update comments
2017-12-18 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Eliminate .powerline_fonts_enabled stub file
2017-12-18 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Set airline theme in Theme section
2017-12-18 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use `highlight Todo` to highlight to-do comments
2017-12-18 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Support .vimrc.local
2017-12-17 Tony Duckles.tmux.conf: Enable 24-bit truecolor support, misc tweaks
2017-12-17 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Support 256 colors, rework terminal settings
2017-12-16 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Plugin updates
2017-12-16 Tony Duckles.vim: Remove pathogen.vim
2017-12-16 Tony Duckles.gitignore: Ignore .vim/cache/
2017-12-16 Tony Duckles.vim: Switch to use junegunn/vim-plug as plugin manager
2017-12-03 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Use diff.algorithm = patience
2017-12-03 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Update vim bundle submodules
2017-12-03 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Use --word-diff=color for 'git diff --word...
2017-12-03 Tony Duckles.gitignore_global: Stop excluding *.com
2017-12-02 Tony Duckles.ctags: Add ctags config
2017-11-21 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Add settitle_screen() vs settitle_window(...
2017-11-19 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Don't set 'statusline' if we're using AirlineTheme
2017-11-12 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Update vim bundle submodules
2017-09-02 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Update vim bundle submodules
2017-09-02 Tony Duckles.vimrc: NERDTreeMinimalUI=1, other misc cleanup
2017-08-31 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Use ctrlp_user_command to ignore files not...
2017-08-23 Tony Duckles.vim/bundle: Update vim bundle submodules