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2012-06-09 Tony Duckles.vim: Remove bundle: nerdtree
2012-06-09 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Cleanup pathogen init and misc cleanup
2012-06-09 Tony Duckles.vim: Add bundles: command-t, nerdtree, ack
2012-06-09 Tony DucklesAdd git-subup (submodule init and updating)
2012-06-09 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Misc key-mapping changes
2012-06-09 Tony Duckles.vim: Add vim bundles: gundo
2012-06-09 Tony Duckles.vim: Add vim bundles: fugitive, git, octopress, solarized
2012-05-04 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Quote-wrap $PATH/$MANPATH when calling puniq
2012-05-04 Tony Ducklesgit-incoming and outgoing updates
2012-05-04 Tony Ducklesargv: turns arguments into lines (useful for testing...
2012-04-15 Tony Ducklespathogen.vim: Update to c9fb89d (https://github.com...
2012-04-13 Tony DucklesAdd .toprc
2012-03-29 Tony Duckles.bashrc: put /opt/csw/* on PATH if exists (OpenCSW...
2012-02-18 Tony Duckles.bashrc: short-circuit for non-interactive sessions
2012-02-18 Tony Duckles.bashrc: alias 'rehash'
2012-02-15 Tony Duckles.vim/ftplugin/python.vim: Python filetype local settings
2012-01-28 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Aliases for log oneline no-limit, patience...
2012-01-28 Tony Duckles.dircolors: Add *.mkd (Markdown)
2011-12-24 Tony DucklesAdd .term_colorpalette for customized ANSI colors in...
2011-12-24 Tony Duckles.bash_profile: RVM init
2011-12-24 Tony DucklesAdd bin/colordump
2011-12-21 Tony Duckles.vim: matchit.vim v1.13.2
2011-12-20 Tony Duckles.vimrc: autocmd *.markdown set filetype=octopress
2011-11-19 Tony Duckles.bashrc: If TERM=xterm-color isn't supported, fall...
2011-11-07 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Fix $PAGER/$MANPAGER less options
2011-11-06 Tony Duckles.vimrc: swap directory
2011-11-06 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Enable swap files; scrolloff and sidescroll...
2011-11-03 Tony Duckles.bashrc: MOTD tweaks
2011-11-02 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Fix whitespace/padding of MOTD
2011-11-02 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Move 'filetype' plugin init to after pathogen...
2011-11-02 Tony DucklesNew bin/git* additions and .gitconfig tweaks
2011-11-02 Tony DucklesEnsure .vim/swap/ always exists
2011-11-02 Tony Duckleshub version 1.6.1
2011-11-02 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Extra white-space before MOTD uname
2011-11-02 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Ack pager, ppush, MOTD
2011-11-02 Tony Duckles.screenrc: TERM=xterm-256color
2011-11-02 Tony Duckles.bashrc: For Solaris use GNU grep and sed
2011-11-01 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Gracefully fall-back to TERM=xterm-color
2011-10-31 Tony Ducklesack v1.96
2011-10-31 Tony Duckles.vimrc: background=dark
2011-10-30 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Auto-highlight TODO's
2011-10-30 Tony Duckles.vimrc: g:solarized_termtrans=1
2011-10-30 Tony Duckles.dircolors: Add more terminals, misc clean-up
2011-10-30 Tony Duckles.screenrc: Misc cleanup
2011-10-30 Tony Ducklesvim: Add solarized theme support
2011-10-29 Tony DucklesAdd .gitignore; add .gitignore_global support
2011-08-13 Tony Duckles.dircolors: *.dmg
2011-08-13 Tony Duckles.dircolors: Add xterm-color and xterm-256color, for...
2011-03-08 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Make SunOS PS_* cyan
2011-03-08 Tony Ducklesack 1.94
2011-03-08 Tony Duckles.dircolors: Adding .flv
2011-03-08 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Update push_ssh_cert to use id_rsa.pub
2010-12-10 Tony Duckles.bash_profile: Look for RSA ssh key rather than DSA key
2010-08-21 Tony Duckles.bashrc: More prompt color tweaks
2010-08-20 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Tweaks to prompt colors
2010-08-20 Tony DucklesAdd git-subtree
2010-08-18 Tony DucklesAdding bin/newgit
2010-08-14 Tony Duckles.inputrc: Clean-up and misc updates
2010-08-13 Tony Duckles.dircolors: *.JPG, *.NEF
2010-08-13 Tony DucklesAdd git-brdate
2010-08-13 Tony Duckles.screenrc: Undo bold current screen-window title
2010-08-13 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Adding "ll." alias
2010-08-13 Tony DucklesDeleting bin/license
2010-08-13 Tony Duckles.vim: Add MUMPS ftdetect and syntax
2010-08-13 Tony Duckles.screenrc: Bold current screen-window title
2010-08-09 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Better color support, add Cygwin support
2010-08-09 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Update push_ssh_cert() to append to ~/.ssh...
2010-08-09 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Remove 'nowrap'
2010-08-09 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Always overwrite $HOME/$LOGNAME/$UNAME/$HOSTFI...
2010-08-09 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Ensure all value lines start with tab's
2010-08-09 Tony Duckles.bashrc: Do Fink init on OSX, cond alias vi->vim
2010-08-09 Tony Duckles.vimrc: Add version checking for vim 7.0+ features
2010-08-09 Tony Duckles.bash_profile: Support "keychain"
2010-08-08 Tony Duckles.gitconfig: Convert tabs to spaces
2010-08-08 Tony Duckles.vim: Initial .vimrc and .vim/*
2010-08-08 Tony DucklesInitial commit