Handle empty "svn log" commit messages
[svn2svn.git] / svn2svn /
2012-02-04 Tony DucklesHandle empty "svn log" commit messages
2012-02-04 Tony DucklesChange iter_svn_log_entries() back to getting smaller...
2012-02-02 Tony DucklesUpdate def process_svn_log_entry() to enumerate possibl...
2012-02-01 Tony DucklesUpdate build_rev_map() to gracefully handle case where...
2012-01-29 Tony DucklesMake module-level variables for source_*/target_*/rev_map
2012-01-29 Tony DucklesMisc code clean-up
2012-01-28 Tony DucklesUpdate README.mkd and documentation
2012-01-28 Tony DucklesImprove optparse formatting v1.1.0
2012-01-27 Tony Duckles* Add new --dry-run and --limit command-line args
2012-01-27 Tony DucklesMigrate shared code to commit_from_svn_log_entry()
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesAdditive verbosity command-line args
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesNo need to pre-throttle commit_paths in process_svn_log...
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesNo need to defer "svn remove" actions anymore, due...
2012-01-26 Tony Duckles* Carry-forward revprop values from source repo
2012-01-25 Tony DucklesBetter "Usage" help-text
2012-01-25 Tony DucklesContinue-mode support w/ rev_map
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesMerge branch 'modules' into develop
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesRemove HEAD-specific short-circuiting
2012-01-24 Tony Duckles* Use ui.status for all status messages (verbose and...
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesMinor fixes to get_svn_status() handling
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesDon't truncate status messages by default
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesAdd optional 'no_fail' param to run_svn() and downstrea...
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesSupport 'color' named-param in ui.status()
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesMigrate to run/svn2svn.py v1.0.0
2012-01-22 Tony DucklesAdd svn2svn specific changes
2012-01-22 Tony DucklesRemove hgsvn-centric exception classes
2012-01-22 Tony DucklesCopy shared hgsvn code: https://bitbucket.org/andialbre...