Handle empty "svn log" commit messages
[svn2svn.git] / tests /
2012-02-04 Tony DucklesHandle empty "svn log" commit messages
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesAdditive verbosity command-line args
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesAdd test revprop case. Fix some non-appending echo's.
2012-01-25 Tony DucklesRemove obsolete pre-revprop-change.example.sh
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesMerge branch 'modules' into develop
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesRun make-replay-repo in verbose-mode
2012-01-22 Tony DucklesMerge branch 'ancestors' into develop
2012-01-21 Tony DucklesUpdate tests for "_wc_target"
2012-01-21 Tony DucklesMore test cases
2012-01-21 Tony DucklesSplit pre-revprop-change example from make-replay-repo...
2012-01-15 Tony DucklesTweaks to tests/make-ref-repo.sh
2012-01-09 Tony DucklesInitial rev_map support handling and better svn-copy...
2012-01-07 Tony DucklesAdd source-tracking revprop's
2012-01-07 Tony DucklesTest scripts