Fix keep_revnum vs source_start_rev handling
[svn2svn.git] / tests /
2012-10-15 Tony DucklesClean-up unit-tests
2012-10-13 Tony DucklesRemove deprecated make-replay-repo script
2012-08-21 Tony DucklesSupport before-commit hook option (--pre-commit)
2012-08-14 Tony DucklesInclude --verify-all test-cases
2012-08-14 Tony DucklesPurge tests/_wc_* during "make clean"
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesDelete
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesCreate _repo_ref if needed
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesFix t0001-diff-repo test descriptions
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesMove shared code to
2012-08-10 Tony Ducklestest-lib: test_expect_failure() expected failure is ok
2012-08-10 Tony DucklesImproved unit-tests
2012-08-09 Tony DucklesTest framework
2012-08-08 Tony DucklesRename main utility from '' to ''
2012-04-12 Tony DucklesProper quote-wrapping in test scripts
2012-04-09 Tony DucklesCorrectly handle source_url/target_url with chars needi...
2012-04-08 Tony DucklesBetter path and URL encoding/escaping
2012-03-28 Tony DucklesTest scripts require /bin/bash
2012-03-24 Tony DucklesVerify-mode v1.4.0
2012-03-15 Tony DucklesCorrectly crawl source_url's ancestry back to origin...
2012-02-11 Tony DucklesAdd --keep-date, --keep-prop, --archive, --log-author... v1.2.0
2012-02-09 Tony DucklesSupport SVN versioned property updating
2012-02-04 Tony DucklesHandle empty "svn log" commit messages
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesAdditive verbosity command-line args
2012-01-26 Tony DucklesAdd test revprop case. Fix some non-appending echo's.
2012-01-25 Tony DucklesRemove obsolete
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesMerge branch 'modules' into develop
2012-01-24 Tony DucklesRun make-replay-repo in verbose-mode
2012-01-22 Tony DucklesMerge branch 'ancestors' into develop
2012-01-21 Tony DucklesUpdate tests for "_wc_target"
2012-01-21 Tony DucklesMore test cases
2012-01-21 Tony DucklesSplit pre-revprop-change example from make-replay-repo...
2012-01-15 Tony DucklesTweaks to tests/
2012-01-09 Tony DucklesInitial rev_map support handling and better svn-copy...
2012-01-07 Tony DucklesAdd source-tracking revprop's
2012-01-07 Tony DucklesTest scripts